Furniture Photogrammetry / 3D Scanning

We are now able to create textured & untextured 3D models from a series of photographs.
This opens up a wealth of opportunities for you.

Some examples of these include:

  • Scan physical 3D object & provide sectional data
  • Scan carved objects & process for output to 3-axis CNC
  • Scan items & reverse engineer to create working drawings without need for complex measurements
  • Replicate carved interior woodwork, useful for restoration & renovation of period interiors
  • Create 3D models for download & use in Google Sketchup

As we do not use the conventional laser scanning methods, we are not limited by the size of the object.
You can provide us with the photographs* or you can send objects to us which we can process and return.

Fire Surround Original Photo Fire Surround Point Cloud Texture & Rendered Scanned Data Contours Extracted From Scanned Data

* Subject to you providing photographs we can work with - details available on request.