What we do

Housley Furniture Drawings provides presentation & working drawings, design & development services to those in the furniture & interiors industry by means of both 2D & 3D computer aided design & modelling software.

Our customers

Bespoke / custom furniture makers
Designers of both one-off and production furniture
Furniture retailers
Architects & Interior designers
Contract furnishers
Office landlords
Artists in wooden & related items

How We Work

We ask you what you would like to achieve from any given job or project and discuss when you would like this to be completed. We sometimes work to extremely short deadlines of just a few hours, though typically our turnaround times are a few days or so.

You may not have outsourced any aspects of draftng or presentation previously but we know the correct questions to ask so we can complete the job to the best of our abilities and to any agreed price if necessary.

About Us

Housley Furniture Drawings started in 2000 after identifying a need for providing services to businesses involved in the design & manufacture of furniture. Having worked with many businesses in both bespoke and prouduction, we know that a professional & friendly approach coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude keeps our customers happy.


Services we provide

Augmented reality

Enable AR onto your website, send links via email or integrate onto social media. Simply scan the QR code to launch on supported iPhone / iPad or Android devices.


3D reconstruction of large objects to small carvings from a video or series of images.

3D rendering

Images created to mimic photographs or videos with careful attention to detail such as timber, paint or fabric. Illustrations for technical or presentation purposes shown as; lines, shaded, with textures or any permutation of these.

In browser 3D

In browser 3D enables your customers to view your products in 360°. Where you have products available in more that one finish or material, this can be easy customised. 3D models can be genearted by photogrammetry or from scratch.

Subdivision mesh & NURBS modelling

Generation of 3D models for presentation & marketing purposes. Accurate NURBS modelling for CNC and as part of the workflow to create accurate technical drawings. Full support for AutoCAD solid and surfaces.


DWG technical & working drawings, space plans and for CNC.

Software development

Provided as both a direct service and as a means to increase productivity, we create software that will save you and your team time & money.