Bespoke furniture

We help makers & designers of bespoke and custom furniture by providing professional and high quality workshop drawings, line drawings and presentation renders.

Workshop drawings

Time away from the bench is minimised when you outsource workshop drawings to us. For many years we have helped some of the finest artisan craftsmen & women realise their designs with drawings thats are produced from a makers perspective. Whilst each workshop has their own particular style of construction, we are able to bring the benefit of our experience to cut the amount of time required to bring a job to fruition.

CAD for CNC Furniture

We understand the capabilities and benefits of CNC use in bespoke and custom furniture making. From simple 2D profiles to complex 3D shapes. We are very capable 3D modellers, so your imaginations can be fully realised.


Line Presentation Drawings

Some items just cannot be presented as 2D drawings. The more contemporay the piece, the more difficult a 2D drawing can be to understand for the end customer. 3D line drawings help your customer see and understand the form of the furniture and help to bring to life your proposals.

Photorealistic Images

The quality of our computer generated images speak for themselves. We are not restricted by complexity nor by material finish. Patinated, distressed and all manner of finishes can be created faithfully.