Photogrammetry is the process of creating 3D models from a series of images taken around the subject. Models generated via photogrammetry can be used in AR, in photorealistic images or to form part of another process such as reverse engineering.


One of the benefits of photogrammetry is that accurate 3D digital replicas can be made remotely. All we need is a video or a series of images around an item and from this we can create a model.

Alternatively and subject to your requirements, we can perform the photography.

Mesh decimation & retopology

Models generated via photogrammetry can be very ‘dense’ in that the mesh model is overly complex. This can be tackled in two ways; decimation and retopology.

Decimation is the process of algorithmically reducing the number of mesh faces. Subject to the model in question, this can be a very quick way of reducing the file sizes of models for using in web based 3D or in augmented reality.

Retoplogy is effectively the reconstruction of the model into a more useable mesh which can be further manipulated in terms of form or texture.


Photogrammetry can be used to create 3D models for use in augmented reality & web based 3D. Models created via photogrammetry can also be reverse engineered and adapated to create variants.