Software development

While there are any number of useful pieces of software available, sometimes something very specific is required.

Whether it is; a product configurator, a tool to create or read certain filetypes or a renderer capable of generating tens of thousands of assets unattened, we have the skills and know-how to bring your ideas to fruitition.

Many repetitive or time consuming tasks can be vastly improved with a piece of carefully planned and developed software. If there are any areas of your business you consider may be improved with the right software, we are always happy to chat this through.

Some commissions

  • Product configurators & automated costings based on selection of materials & components
  • DXF file reader that generates costings for CNC machining
  • Seamless integration of Augmented Reality for use with both indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Dynamically generated GLTF / GLB, OBJ & USDZ files with custom materials & textures